Start your Flutter apps from your own template with app_starter 🚀

  • create the app with the right name and organization
  • put on the architecture you are used to work with
    Working with BloC ? Provider ? MobX ?
    Willing to work with Clean Architecture ?
    You have to setup all of this each time.
  • put all the dependencies you are used to work with
    Your usual i18n, tests or http dependencies for example.
  • (depending on your needs): adding some flavors
  • etc.

How to automate apps creation?

Using an already existing “starter”

Cloning a repository and “change the name”

Using app_starter 🚀

  • creating the app using Flutter’s command-line flutter create in order to prevent developers from putting their hands in all configuration files
  • enabling developers to easily clone architecture and dependencies from their own template.

How does it work?

  1. It creates a fresh new flutter application using the basic flutter create command-line from the flutter version installed on your computer.
  2. It will get your model repository by cloning it (temporarily).
  3. Then, it will copy and paste the lib and test folders, as well as the pubspec.yaml file from your model repository to your new app.
  4. Fourth step: it will change all imports and references in these directories (and in pubspec.yaml), recursively, in order to put the right new dart package identifier.
  5. Finally, the tool will delete temporary cloned repository and…

How to play with it?

flutter pub global activate app_starter
  • your package identifier
  • your organization identifier
  • your template’s repository url
app_starter --name <package_identifier> --org <organisation> --template <template_git_repository>
app_starter --name toto --org io.example --template
app_starter -n toto -o io.example -t
app_starter --save -n toto -o io.example -t
app_starter -n totobis
app_starter --config
app_starter --help

What about Flavors?

What’s next?



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